About Me


My name is Mike and I started this site to mainly help beginners to get into vaping and quit smoking.

I used to be a heavy smoker (50 a day average) and I have tried patches, gum, nicotine spray, but never lasted more then a couple of days before i gave up and had a cigarette.

Then about 5 years ago i found a product on amazon called e-cigarette which i have not heard about before. So i did a bit of searching on the subject and thought i should give it a go.

So i bought one. It wasn’t great, but i still lasted a whole week before going for the real deal again.

These first e-cigarettes were rubish compare to the more soffisticated devices that are on the market nowadays. There was little vapour and the flavour was quite bad. But things have changed since then and i believe that if i had the setup i’m using these days, i would have quit smoking at least 2 years sooner.

It’s been 3 years since my last cigarette and i never looked back. I don’t even miss it anymore, because i enjoy vaping more than i ever did smoking.

Every smoker should at least give it some thought. It will save you money and more importantly, it might save your life.