All about tanks

All About Tanks

Choosing the right tank can be a bit difficult for a beginner, so i’m gonna try and keep it simple.When you starting out and don’t fancy learning too much about Ohms law and coil building, there is a simple  type of tank called clearomiser.


This is simply a tank that holds your e-liquid and contains a coil which is replaceable. So when is time to replace the coil (atomizer), you just unscrew the old one from the tank and simply screw in new one. And that’s it really. It is simple and quick.

Now there are hundreds of different clearomisers on the market, so which one do you choose? Well number one tip is – don’t be too cheap. Stick with reputable brands. You can buy vaping devices and tanks really cheap nowadays from e-bay and your local convenience shops, but if it’s cheap, it’s cheap for a reason. And these could be dangerous. They could leak e-liquid into your mouth (and that’s not good, trust me) and they could also be made using low grade materials which could cause a chemical reaction with the liquid and you could end up inhaling something that might be more dangerous then cigarette smoke. Remember,the whole reason for switching to an e-cigarette is to reduce the health risks associated with smoking. So make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer.

2.RTA (Rebuildable tank atomiser)


When you get comfortable with vaping, these would be the next step. As the name suggests rather than buying allready made coils, you rebuild them yourself.

Sounds complicated? Well it isn’t. To put it simply:

  1. Buy a set of precision screwdrivers
  2. Buy wire (to start with i would recommend stainless steel 28 gauge)
  3. Buy organic cotton pads or unbleached cotton balls from you local supermarket
  4. Wrap the wire around a small screwdriver(4 to 10 wraps, depending on the size of the build deck in your tank)
  5. Install the coil in in the tank
  6. Thread a strip of cotton through the coil
  7. Juice it up
  8. Vape

I wrote these steps to simply demonstrate, that coil building is not rocket science and anyone can do it. There are some differences with different RTAs and that’s where YouTube comes to the rescue. Pretty much every RTA there are video tutorials on YouTube.

Advantages of RTA

  • It’s cheaper (£10 worth of wire and cotton could last you about 3 months)
  • Better flavour
  • You know you are using quality materials (because you bought it)
  • Good feeling (It always feels good to make something yourself rather then just buying it)

3.RDA(Rebuildable dripping atomizer)


The only difference between RTA and RDA is that RDA don’t actually have a tank section. They have sort of e-liquid well around the build deck. When inserting your cotton in the coil, you leave longer tails coming out of the coil an simply tuck them into the juice well. When you drip e-liquid onto the cotton it soaks it up and feeds to the coil. As there is no tank section you get about 10 puffs before you have to drip more liquid on the cotton.

So you might think, why no just use RTA that can hold more liquid, making it more convenient . The reason why RDAs are still very popular is FLAVOUR. Because the distance between the coil and your mouth is much smaller than RTA the flavour is more intense. And if you want to change flavours it takes very little time to vape through the liquid in the juice well.

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