iJoy Maxo 315W Review

iJoy maxo review

iJoy Maxo 315W Review

Before i get on with the review, i would like to say that i don’t actually own this product. I went to my local vape shop to test it out. I had my Limitless RDTA Plus and Tobh RDA with me and i tested the device with both of those.

Right, on with the review…

The iJoy Maxo 315W is, as far as i know the first regulated device that uses 4 18650 batteries. That’s right 4! It can be used with only 2 batteries, which limits the power output to 160W, but in my opinion why would you buy a quadruple 18650 mod and only use with two 18650s’? Using only two batteries doesn’t make the device any smaller so it isn’t really a big selling point.

So what sort of vapers is this device really for? Well, if you like to use big clapton coils, you know they require a lot of power and will drain you batteries real fast. But what if you had 4 batteries in one mod? Then you would get high power combined with long battery life. And that’s exactly who the iJoy Maxo 315W is for.

iJoy Maxo 315W review
Quad 18650
iJoy Maxo review
iJoy Maxo 315W

On the control face, you’ll find an over-sized fire button, two adjustment buttons and an OLED screen that has never been easier to read or operate. The screen was made to be simple, yet effective with indicators for resistance, voltage, power levels, wattage, mode and more. The display can also be rotated 180 degrees for left-handed use or if you prefer a different viewing angle.

Overall it’s a really good looking device. It looked great with the Limitless RDTA Plus which is 25mm in diameter. No overhang, no gaps. Those two where just made for each other. For it’s size it’s actually quiet comfortable in hand even for me with not so big hands for a man.

           iJoy Maxo 315W Specifications:

iJoy maxo review

  • Dimensions: 64mm (L) x 41mm (W) x 89mm (H)
  • Power output: range from 5 – 315W
  • Coil range: 0.06 – 3ohms
  • Temp Control compatibility: Titanium, Nickel, and Stainless Steel
  • Battery: 4 x 18650 batteries to reach 315W; 2 x 18650 batteries to reach 160W
  • Easy-to-use screen display
  • Chip designed by IWEPAL which is  Firmware Upgradeable

Now the verdict. I want one. It’s going on my Christmas list.

My Rating: 4.5/5


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