Mods And Batteries

Mods And Batteries

When it comes to powering an e-cigarette there is a few different options.

1.Basic e-cigarette battery

These are very popular amongst beginners, because of their simplicity.

You screw on a tank, press a button and inhale. Simple, right?



2.Mechanical mods

These come in many shapes and sizes (tube mods, box mods), but the way they work is the same.

As the name suggests these are not electronically controlled. You insert a battery (18650 in most cases) and by pressing a button, you are creating connection between the battery and the atomizer in the tank. Because there is no chip to regulate the power output of the battery you could get into trouble just by using a low Amp limit battery and/or by using an atomizer which too low resistance. If you want to learn more about battery safety, read my article about Ohm Law (coming soon).

Because there are no electronic safety measures implemented, I don’t really recommend these for someone just starting out, as there is a slight learning curve and if you don’t get it right the battery could explode while you vaping. They are safe in hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.


3.Variable wattage mods

These are the most popular, because they are safe and easy to use. Vast majority have a low resistance protection, which is very imporatant for a newbie. It means you are not at risk of the battery exploding or even venting.

These will let you change the power output in Watts and therefore change the amount of vapour and the temperature of the vapour as well. They also have a screen which will display your power setting, battery charge status and in most cases also a resistance of your atomizer.

These come in two different types. Some, you need to insert batteries into, while the other type uses a battery pack which is installed in the mod.

You can either have one mod that uses batteries and just have spare charged batteries on you when you run out of juice. The downside is, that to charge the batteries (18650 in most cases) you need a charger that can charge this type of battery.

Or you could get two battery pack mods and swap between them throughout the day. And when you want to charge them, they just plug into your computer or USB adaptor via micro USB.

To add to the confusion, most of these also allow to change the temperature of the vapour. The function is called Temperature Control and it lets you change the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Read more about temperature control mods in this article…


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