UD Goblin Mini 3 RTA Review

UD Goblin Mini 3 RTA Review – Best Flavour RTA

I borrowed the original Goblin Mini from my friend for a week, just to understand why he wouldn’t stop talking about it. Now i UD Goblin mini rta reviewknow. The flavour was great! So great i went and bought the new version, the UD Goblin Mini 3 RTA.

Over the last few months i have been trying different RTA to see what gives the best flavour. I do like big clouds, but flavour is the main factor for me.

I found that two types of RTA provide flavour comparable to an RDA. Genesis style RTAs’ and small RTAs’. By small i mean tanks with shortest possible distance between the coil and the drip tip. The closer the coil is to your mouth the more concentrated the flavour is. And since the UD Goblin Mini 3 RTA is only about 33mm in height it’s a flavour chaser’s dream! It only holds 3ml of liquid which isn’t a lot, but that’s why it’s so small and therefore so flavourful. how clean

I was amazed how clean the RTA was. No machining oil whatsoever. So after a quick rinse it was ready for build. The first build i put in was a dual 26g stainless steel for temperature control with my Reuleaux RX 2/3. At 450°F it gave me nice and thick vapour combined with an amazing flavour. My favourite Liquid State Apple Butter never tasted so good.

Then i thought that it wouldn’t be a proper test if i just left it at that. So i installed dual clapton build. And after a few draws my taste buds were transported into flavour heaven!


Construction of the Goblin Mini 3 is excellent, especially for the low price you pay for the tank.

I think the overall look of the tank is an improvement over the original Goblin Mini, and even though it is a small unit the glass tank section feels really solid and the stainless steel feels like it could take a beating!

best flavouir rta - ud goblin mini 3 rta review

One of the biggest improvements here is that the 510 threading for the drip tip now truly supports 510 threaded drip tips, with no wobble experienced. You have a stainless steel drip tip fitted as standard, and there is a delrin drip tip also included within the package too.

best flavour rta - ud goblin mini 3 rtaTop filling is still accessed by removing the top cap, and there is also a juice flow control you need to turn off before filling.

Build Deckud goblin mini 3 rta review

There is even more space available to build with now, and thicker diameter coils aren’t as much of an issue as they were with previous Goblin Mini’s.

The move to a two post Velocity styled deck has made it even easier to build on, and this offers up a lot more options too.

The post screws trap coil leads down perfectly, with large post holes to slot the leads into, and it’s an incredibly easy tank to wick now too. Simply make sure your coils sit over the airflow holes and push your wick into the juice channels, and you are good to go.


The pendulum styled bottom airflow that has been a mainstay of the Goblin Mini series is still here.

best flavour rta - ud goblin mini 3 rta

Ud have re-deigned this to include a metal cover on the base to cover the little tabs at the bottom and the sharp edges, which prevents the airflow system from damaging the top of your mod.

The tabs are adjustable from either side, and allow you to adjust the airflow from a very restricted lung hit to a wide open lung hit with a lot of vapour.

Overall i absolutely love this RTA!

My Rating: 5/5

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